Protein Bars 

I need to build up some healthy snacks on hand as I’m trying to eat grain and refined sugar free.  Katie from Kitchen Stewardship has terrific recipes in her eBook Healthy Snacks to Go.  For the first time I tried her recipe for Protein Bars and I’m blown away.  It’s one of the few “bars” that requires baking or dehydrating but that extra step is worth it.  They really tasted like a nut butter cookie while still warm.  I haven’t tried them out of the fridge yet but I expect the flavor to be just as great.  Kids and hubs weren’t fans because of the bitter kick from the molasses.  I may try to half that and substitute some maple syrup and see how that goes.  But regardless I’m sold on these protein bars!

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BBQ Pulled Chicken (Crock Pot)

I made a BBQ Pulled Chicken recipe for dinner tonight and I really love how it turned out.  The recipe is from Danielle Walker’s cookbook Against All Grain.  While it feels like the ingredient list is pretty substantial, it’s worth it for the incredible flavor at the end.  Being a crock pot recipe just ups the recipe’s usefulness for me.  My young son really ate it up!

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Caramel Glazed Mini Donuts 

Food photographer I am not <snort> but if you can get past my amateur photo you will learn of the most delicious, grain-free donuts imaginable!  Check out the recipe by famed food blogger/author Danielle Walker of Against All Grain.

Caramel Glazed Mini Donuts (Grain Free)

Caramel Glazed Mini Donuts (Grain Free)

I have a mini donut maker rather than full size so the recipe made almost 18 minis. I halved the glaze recipe and seemed to have enough.  However, I think I dipped the donuts before the glaze had cooled enough so most of it absorbed into the donut. :-/  Patience is not my virtue.  Doh!  They still taste darn good.  My kids aren’t nut fans so I decided to forgo the final garnish of almond slices.

Let me know what you think if you try it!

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There’s Arsenic In My Supplement and I’m Not Afraid


If you’ve looked at a bottle of Youngevity’s Plant Derived Minerals (PDM), you might have gotten nervous seeing minerals such as arsenic or lead listed.  Who wants to ingest those toxic elements???  Rest assured, there is a good reason!  Matt Tokoph has a great explanation:

Why are there assumed ‘harmful’ metals like aluminum, cadmium, lead, and arsenic in Youngevity’s Plant-sourced Minerals?

The human body contains about 70 or so elements from the periodic chart. While we do not know what the specific function for many of these elements is within the human biochemistry, their mere presence would indicate purpose. Further, not all minerals are created equal. The source of the mineral supplement is of vital importance.

Minerals that come form inorganic sources such as rocks, clays and sea water can store in the soft tissues of the body, building up to potentially harmful levels. Plant-derived minerals, because of their electro-magnetic circuitry, cannot be stored in the body for longer than about 6 to 8 hours, never creating a potential toxic overload. Plant-sourced minerals have the additional ability to remove their heavy metal counterparts. For example, plant-derived aluminum is very effective in not only cleansing the body at the cellular level but assists in removing any metallic aluminum that might be present in the body as well. These differ greatly from the inorganic acid leached clay products claiming to be plant derived colloidal minerals. The key here is PLANT DERIVED!

Only metallic minerals that are not metabolized or processed out of the body are potentially toxic. Plant-derived liquid trace minerals cannot be stored by the body, therefore cannot reach toxic levels. Due to their unique properties, these minerals have the ability to remove heavy metals by a process called ionic exchange. Just because a mineral is thought to be toxic today doesn’t mean that it really has no biological value.

Not so long ago we did not know what the vitamin pantothenic acid was for. Today we know it is a member of the B-complex family and its functions are many. Recently the mineral arsenic has been identified as having biological value and FDA is considering adding it to the RDI for human nutrition.

The easy way to spot acid leached minerals is the high CHLORIDE content (1100mg or more). This is the chemical signature of the acid process used on dolomite and bentonite sea bed clay originating in Arizona and other areas that were covered by inland seas at the end of the last Ice age. These products are not plant derived and are potentially dangerous due to the amounts of heavy metal released by the acid leaching process.  Learn more at

Thanks Matt for helping put our minds at ease!

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Turning Heartburn On Its Head


Health professionals may be changing their tune when it comes to heartburn and acid reflux.  Rather than having an overabundance of stomach acid, you might actually have too little stomach acid.  Via The Scam of Heartburn and Indigestion. We’ve All Been Fooled:

According to Jonathan Wright, MD of the Tahoma Clinic in Washington state, when stomach acid is measured in people suffering from heartburn and GERD it is almost always low, not high.


Thus, for most people, heartburn, acid reflux, and indigestion are due to a lack of stomach acid (HCl), not too much. If you are not producing enough stomach acid, the food will churn longer and remain in the stomach for hours.When the food does not keep moving on through the GI tract, it sits in the stomach and ferments. This causes a level of discomfort that feels like reflux.

Might want to rethink those acid blockers!  My nutritional consultant Julie of Your New Vitality, recommended I take 2 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar twice a day, particularly when I’m taking my calcium supplement, and increase my intake of real sea salt.  I suffer from low absorption of minerals and these steps should help with both acid reflux and nutrient absorption.  Fingers crossed!

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2015 Food Freedom Fest

Join some of the biggest names in the traditional foods movement at the 2015 Food Freedom Fest.  Held at Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm in Virginia, folks can experience wonderfully cooked real food and learn about sustainable farming practices such as those employed at Polyface Farm.  One of my favorite people will be speaking during the weekend, Martha Boneta, who is a small family farmer and advocate for family farms and personal property rights.  If you have the time and the means, I highly encourage you to join in the festivities.

Digging in the garden with Martha.

Digging in the garden with Martha.

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Essential Oils and Cellulite

Essential oils have a number of uses and one suggested use may help you get rid of the appearance of cellulite.  Whoo hoo!  Try a couple drops of essential oil blends Organ Master or Sweet Soothe or single oils Orange, Cypress, Lemongrass or Grapefruit Pink.  Make sure to dilute in a carrier oil like jojoba or grapeseed oil before applying.


Learn more and read about essential oil safety in Leiann King’s free eBook segment of her book Foundational Aomatherapy.

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