Carrier Oil Is My Friend

I just had one of those oopsie moments with my essential oils and can firmly attest to the necessity of having carrier oil nearby!

I was brushing my teeth (I use a drop of essential oil on my toothpaste) and had gotten some essential oil on my fingers initially. I had intended to wash my hands well when I finished but it slipped my mind. A few minutes later my eye itched and I used those fingers to rub it. OMG! Talk about stinging pain! Fortunately I had a bottle of grapeseed oil handy. I dumped some in my palm (at least a teaspoon, maybe more) and applied to my face and eye area where it burned. Instant relief! A few minutes later and the discomfort is nearly gone. 

I got lucky because I had run out of carrier oil in my bathroom a few weeks ago. I brought a new bottle up only yesterday. Phew!

Edited to add: A fellow oil user recommended I follow up the grapeseed oil eyewash with a couple drops of colloidal silver.  Yes!  Took the last bit of discomfort away! Thanks!

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One Response to Carrier Oil Is My Friend

  1. sarah says:

    Love this! So very true. I have been there!

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