Infinite Worth

I’m a now-and-again kind of jewelry person so I got pretty excited when I heard about Mialisia and their VersaStyle jewelry.  From Youngevity’s blog:

In late May 2015 Youngevity announced the acquisition of Mialisia, a direct sales jewelry company that specializes in interchangeable jewelry. As a result of this business combination, Youngevity distributors and customers now have access to the unique, patent-pending “VersaStyle” jewelry that allows women to express their style and enhance their lives. 

For Annelise Brown, Founder, Mialisia is literally a dream come true. She spent much of her adult life working together with her husband to raise her children. Now, as the CEO of the company, she is excited to serve others by offering a product that changes the way women wear jewelry.

 “As women, we tend to be so hard on ourselves,” she says. “We spend so much of our time focusing on our weaknesses or comparing ourselves to others. When we do this, we forget just how truly amazing we are. I feel a personal responsibility to help women realize their infinite worth. I take this very seriously and believe that by connecting with others, we can serve them and bless their lives. VersaStyle jewelry is a vehicle that allows us to make these connections. Each piece is branded with infinity symbol. We also send out a card with every order that states, ‘You are of infinite worth.’ We want women to wear something that reminds them of their value and worth each and every day.

See the amazing versatility of Mialisia jewelry in this short video.

See the new Mialisia catalog.

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