DIY Essential Oil Spray Cleaner

Create your own toilet bowl spray cleaner with essential oils!  Recipe developed by Aromatherapist Leiann King. 


22 oz or larger spray bottle (PET plastic or glass)

18 oz water

10 drops Hydrowash

16 drops Deep Cleanser essential oil blend

Combine ingredients in spray bottle. Shake gently before use.  Avoid contact with eyes. 

You can purchase ingredients at my online store

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DIY Deodorant

I finally got around to ​recording how I put together my homemade deodorant. It’s pretty simple: equal proportions of three ingredients – coconut oil, arrowroot powder, and baking soda. Essential oils optional. Hope this helps!

DIY Deodorant

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DIY Lavender Bath Bomb


I enjoy a nice soak in the tub and my kids get a kick out the effervescent effect of adding a bath bomb to their tub time so these bath bombs really appeal to my family.  I don’t bother shaping  the mixture into an actual bath bomb – I prefer to just scoop out 3-4 tbsp.  But feel free to shape it to your preference.  Also, play around with essential oils that appeal to you.  I stick to Lavender essential oil because it is so safe and gentle for all ages but this recipe can be adjusted to add oils that might be useful when you have chest congestion (ex. Eucalyptus radiata) or muscle aches (ex. Marjoram) for example.  Have fun with it!

DIY Lavender Bath Bomb

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Skin Toner Mister

Here’s a little video for how to make a skin toner mister using essential oils and plant derived minerals.

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Wrinkles Be Gone!

Wrinkles getting you down?  They say that age is an attitude, not a number, but it’s sure got attitude all over my face!  Fortunately I’ve been listening to Master Aromatherapist Leiann King and learning about essential oils that support the body in rejuvenating skin and slowing the signs of aging.

In Episode 5 of her podcast Real Life, Leiann gives us four recipes for our skin depending on if we have youthful skin versus maturing or mature skin.  I’m no spring chicken so I’m going to give her middle-of-the-road recipe a try and scale up if I need to:

2 drops Patchouli
10 drops Palmarosa
8 drops Clary Sage
7 drops Fennel
20 drops Rose
5 drops Carrot Seed

Mix essential oils (you can purchase them here) with 2 oz of a carrier oil (my preference in this case is jojoba) in a container of your choice and shake well, at least 100 times to ensure distribution.  Shake again a few times before each use which for me will be part of my morning and evening cleansing/moisturizing routine.  Since a little goes a long way, this recipe should last at least 30 days.

Let me know if you try it and how it works for you!

For guidance on using essential oils safely, check out Leiann King and Brenda Wright’s free eBook excerpt from Foundational Aromatherapy.  Follow Leiann’s blog here.

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Carrier Oil Is My Friend

I just had one of those oopsie moments with my essential oils and can firmly attest to the necessity of having carrier oil nearby!

I was brushing my teeth (I use a drop of essential oil on my toothpaste) and had gotten some essential oil on my fingers initially. I had intended to wash my hands well when I finished but it slipped my mind. A few minutes later my eye itched and I used those fingers to rub it. OMG! Talk about stinging pain! Fortunately I had a bottle of grapeseed oil handy. I dumped some in my palm (at least a teaspoon, maybe more) and applied to my face and eye area where it burned. Instant relief! A few minutes later and the discomfort is nearly gone. 

I got lucky because I had run out of carrier oil in my bathroom a few weeks ago. I brought a new bottle up only yesterday. Phew!

Edited to add: A fellow oil user recommended I follow up the grapeseed oil eyewash with a couple drops of colloidal silver.  Yes!  Took the last bit of discomfort away! Thanks!

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Peppermint Essential Oil


I really love the smell of peppermint so it’s no surprise that it is one of my favorite essential oils (EO).  I learned from Liz Leopardi, blogger for Master Aromatherapist Leiann King, that:

Peppermint comes from the plant’s leaves and, as leaves are the lungs of a plant, they help the humans’ lungs and sinuses. That’s why Peppermint is also important for colds, allergies and asthma, not only for its lung-assisting properties but also for immune support.

How cool is that?  Leaves are the “lungs” of a plant and so peppermint essential oil supports aspects of the body’s respiratory system.

Liz goes on to also discuss safely using peppermint EO.

An excellent example of our “less is more” approach to essential oil use and safety, one drop of Peppermint equals 27 cups of peppermint tea. It is a member of both the ketone and monoterpenol chemical families but a bit of a “stand-out” in each family. Why? Peppermint is the only essential oil in either family with safety precautions.

Visit her blog post to learn those individuals who should avoid peppermint EO and how spearmint EO may be an alternative.

I love to use peppermint EO in my refreshing sprays to cool down in the summer, to deter insects, and in my underarm deodorant.  Plus so much more.  How do you use peppermint EO?

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